• Prabha Srinivasan

Finding Joy

Often when we get stuck with a problem, we tend to think that unless the problem is solved, we cannot enjoy life.

Our mind can conclude that life isn't good enough as is. This then spreads a current of negativity that smears itself on all activities we may do on a day-day basis, leaving us in an anxious, depressed or helpless state.

My mother often said, "That is that, this is this." (loosely translated from my mother tongue). I have come to appreciate her words a lot more as I grow.

Feeling joy, is as simple as stopping to take a fresh breath, walking barefoot on warm sand, feeling the wind, staring at the sky, hearing the birds, singing a favourite song or dancing to a groovy tune. None of these require that all our problems be solved or our life be perfect.

In moments of overwhelm, find simple joy.

After all taking a break from the 'analysis paralysis' our mind can get into, and focussing on something else that is light can actually help with problem solving.





© Prabha Srinivasan.