Advaita Philosophy - Session 1

Advaita Philosophy - Session 1

Advaita is a Sanskrit word that means non-dual. Avdaita Philosophy is the school of thought that Collective conscious (Universe) and individual consciousness (you, me and every other soul) are not two different things, but one. The classic explaination of Advaita philosophy is the wave and the ocean. Wave has no independent existence without the ocean and is not only one with the ocean at all times but is essentially the same. During these advaita philosophy discussions we will unpack various philosophical texts pertaining to the Vedanta (Upanishads) and other accompanying Indian spiritual texts.


Session 1 introduces you to Advaita Philosophy through discussion of selected verses of Yoga Vasishta. Recording is about 25 minutes long. Your download contains video explanation, audio explanation and a Word document that contains the discussed verses.


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